Sentence Examples

  • The Saxon nobles refused to join the host until their grievances were redressed, and in 1073 a league was formed at Wormesleben.
  • He redressed many grievances, regulated the administration of justice, encouraged commerce, reformed the coinage, but as time went on he was compelled to demand larger subsidies and to take severer measures against heretical opinions.
  • In a pulpit controversy with Thomas Cartwright, regarding the constitutions and customs of the Church of England, he showed himself Cartwright's inferior in oratorical effectiveness, but the balance was redressed by the exercise of arbitrary authority.
  • The acknowledged and admitted grievances, of which your Majesty's subjects complained prior to 1895, not only are not redressed, but exist to-day in an aggravated form.
  • During his pontificate the estates increased in value, while at the same time the real grievances of the tenants were redressed and their general position was materially improved.