Sentence Examples

  • A closer inspection had cured him of his love for republican institutions.
  • In 1782 he obtained a silk gown, and was so far cured of his early modesty that he declined accepting the king's counselship if precedence over him were given to his junior, Thomas (afterwards Lord) Erskine, though the latter was the son of a peer and a most accomplished orator.
  • As in Syria, watered by the Orontes, an image, the lower remedy part of which was a scorpion, cured the sting of against scorpions and freed the city from snakes.
  • The prescriptions are for a great variety of ailments and afflictionsdiseases of the eye and the stomach, sores and broken bones, to make the hair grow, to keep away snakes, fleas, &c. Purgatives and diuretics are particularly numerous, and the medicines take the form of pillules, draughts, liniments, fumigations, &c. The prescriptions are often fanciful and may thus bear some absurd relation to the disease to be cured, but generally they would be to some extent effective.
  • P. 17 4, 1789), found some dropsies cured by it alone.

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