Sentence Examples

  • Josh salted that mine and strung along the owner just enough to get a salary out of him.
  • Rice is the chief article of export, dried or salted fish, pepper and cotton ranking next in order of value.
  • Of anchovies alone, to,000,000 jars are prepared annually, while salted fish is, next after bread, the staple food of large masses of the population.
  • The following, the quantities stated being those for 1905:-Beef, salted, 142,806 cwt.; beef, otherwise preserved, 598,030 cwt.; preserved mutton, 30,111 cwt.; salted pork, 205,965 cwt.; dead rabbits, 656,078 cwt.; meat, unenumerated, 875,032 cwt.
  • The soap is from this again grained off or salted out, and the underlye so thrown down carries with it coloured impurities which may have been in the materials or which arise from contact with the boiler.