Sentence Examples

  • From ravaging Lithuania with the Tatars.
  • However, when ravaging the country near Alnwick, William was taken prisoner in July 1174, and after a short captivity at Richmond was carried to Normandy, where he soon purchased his release by assenting in December 1174 to the treaty of Falaise.
  • Thus in 1479 a huge Turkish army, on its return home from ravaging Transylvania, was annihilated at Szaszvaros (Oct.
  • Otto marched against them, and in a battle fought on the Lechfeld on the 10th of August 955 the king's troops gained a brilliant victory which completely freed Germany from these invaders; while in the same year Otto also defeated the Sla y s who had been ravaging the Saxon frontier.
  • This they avenged from generation to generation by plundering and ravaging the plains.

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