Sentence Examples

  • Under this system the clover is ploughed up in the autumn, the nitrogen stored up in its roots being left in the soil for the nourishment of the cereal crop. The following summer the wheat crop is harvested, and an opportunity is afforded for extirpating weeds which in the three previous years have received little check.
  • Morthoe, Luton Hoo, the Hoe at Plymouth, &c.; this is the same as Northern English "heugh" and is connected with "hang"), an agricultural and gardening implement used for extirpating weeds, for stirring the surface-soil in order to break the capillary channels and so prevent the evaporation of moisture, for singling out turnips and other root-crops and similar purposes.
  • Besides extirpating the various sects of Protestants, they also busied themselves with destroying the Greek Church in Lithuania.
  • (1536-1612), one of the main agents in extirpating Calvinism in Poland and the Greek Church in Lithuania.
  • These six kings reigned 198 years and 10 months, and all aimed at extirpating the Egyptians.

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