Sentence Examples

  • He stepped into the bright sunlight and withdrew one of hundreds of grey swords housed in small racks along the back side of the dwelling.
  • Racks of this type usually become impracticable for gradients steeper than 1 in 4, partly because of the excessive weight of the engine required and partly because of the tendency of the cog-wheel to mount the rack.
  • The wilted tobacco is suspended on racks in the sun.
  • They are then spread out thinly on trays or racks made of bamboo, canvas or wire netting, under cover, for some 18 or 30 hours (according to the temporary weather conditions) to wither, after which they are in a soft, flaccid condition ready for rolling.
  • Rolling Contact: Smooth Wheels and Racks.In order that two pieces may move in rolling contact, it is necessary that each pair of points in the two pieces which touch each other should at the instant of contact be moving in the same direction with the same velocity.

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