Sentence Examples

  • Until the time of John Dalton, the atomic conception remained purely qualitative, and until then it does not appear to have 1 Robert Boyle, The Sceptical Chymist (1661); The Usefulness of Natural Philosophy (1663).
  • This has been achieved by employing a microphone transmitter at the sending end to vary the amplitude but not the wave-length of the emitted waves, and at the receiving end using an electrolytic receiver, which proves to be not merely a qualitative but also a quantitative instrument, to make these variations audible on a telephone.
  • Quantitative measures don't reflect qualitative improvements.
  • Her areas of research interest include adolescence, physical disability, psychotherapy, and identity development, particularly using qualitative approaches.
  • Small group sessions are used to critically appraise the quality of qualitative research.

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