Sentence Examples

  • Further, the eye is endowed with polarity, by which its activity is divided into two parts qualitatively distinct.
  • P. 201, 1867) made a number of relative measurements of the effect in different metals, which agreed qualitatively with observations of the thermoelectric power, and showed that the effect was proportional to the current for a given temperature gradient.
  • The divine omnipotence is quantitatively represented by the sum of the forces of nature, and qualitatively distinguished from them only as the unity of infinite causality from the multiplicity of its finite phenomena.
  • Consequently the facts of moral development imply with the emergence of human consciousness the appearance of something qualitatively different from the facts with which physiology for instance deals, imply a stratum as it were in development which no examination of animal tissues, no calculation of consequences with regard to the preservation of the species can ever satisfactorily explain.
  • In length) is qualitatively limited when regarded as an infinitely small unit of a plane.

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