Sentence Examples

  • Through the firmness of the Transvaal delegates, supported by the Progressives, the principle of equal rights was retained; the concession made to the Cape was the abandonment of proportional representation, while one-membered constituencies were substituted for three-membered constituencies.
  • And in several European countries; and also in 1882 of the: radicals, or Progressives, who objected to a distinctive dress and'.
  • Meanwhile Pecs had become a centre of the exiled Magyar progressives, who preferred a provisional Yugoslav regime to the white terror of Adml.
  • This measure, applied by Russian officials, was designed against the Poles and the Lithuanian Nationalists alike, for not even the Progressives who favoured autonomy for Poland contemplated its grant to Lithuania.
  • He, however, withdrew from party politics when, in December 1890, he was overthrown by the Progressives under John Ballance.