Sentence Examples

  • I have reason to believe that's about the only place that hasn't been infiltrated by those professing allegiance to East or West.
  • The woman professing to shield and heal her people had blood on her hands?
  • Venice stood aloof, professing a nominal allegiance to the East.
  • Lombardy was, roughly speaking, divided between two parties, the one headed by Pavia professing loyalty to the empire, the other headed by Milan ready to oppose its claims. The municipal animosities of the last quarter of a century gave substance to these factions; yet neither the imperial nor, the anti-imperial party had any real community of interest with Frederick.
  • The king, too, was in close sympathy with the societys aims, but for the present it was necessary to hide this attitude from the eyes of the Powers, whose sympathy Cavour could only hope to gain by professing hostility to everything that savoured of revolution.

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