Sentence Examples

  • As will have been seen, they hold an exalted view of the divinity and work of Christ as the Word become flesh and the Saviour of the world; but they have always shrunk from rigid Trinitarian definitions.
  • 14 criticism of the Trinitarian theory of Peter Lombard.
  • As the theological doctrine of the Logos which bulks so largely in the writings of the apologists of the 2nd century came to the front, the trinitarian problem became acute.
  • The various Trinitarian and Christological heresies may be studied in Dorner's History of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ (1845-1856; Eng.
  • 14, which would prove the apostolic use of a Trinitarian confession imaginable as the parent of the later Eastern and Western forms. The eunuch's creed interpolated in Acts viii.

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