Sentence Examples

  • The Still Hour (1859), a summary of a series of sermons on prayer, is a devotional classic. His other works are: The New Birth (1867), portraying conversion (in some instances) as a gradual change; Sabbath Hours (1874); Studies of the Old Testament (1878); Men and Books (1882); My Portfolio (1882); My Study (1885); and My Note Book (1890).
  • In Orvieto cathedral he painted three triangular divisions of the ceiling, portraying respectively Christ in a glory of angels, sixteen saints and prophets, and the virgin and apostles: all these are now much repainted and damaged.
  • 2 After a comparison of Israel to a worthless wild vine (xv.) come two allegories, one portraying idolatrous Jerusalem as the unfaithful spouse of Yahweh (xvi.), the other describing the fate of Zedekiah (xvii.).
  • This was restored in 1867-1878 at the cost of the Prussian government, and was adorned with frescoes portraying events in German history.
  • The other bears the record of a second expedition to the same land of Punt, undertaken by command of Queen Hatshepsut, 1600 B.C. It is preserved in the vividly chiselled and richly coloured decorations portraying the history of the reign of this famous Pharaoh on the walls of the "Stage Temple" at Thebes.

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