Sentence Examples

  • The bodies of this class consist of eight major planets moving round the sun at various distances, and of an unknown number of minor planets, much smaller than the major planets, forming a separate group. Thirdly, satellites, or secondary planets revolving around the major planets, and therefore accompanying them in their revolutions around the sun.
  • The major planets are separated into two groups of four each, between which the minor planets, for the most part, revolve.
  • The arrangement of the major planets, with the numbers of their respective satellites thus far known, in the order of distance from the sun, is as follows: The first group in order - the smaller major planets - comprises: Mercury, with no known satellite; Venus, ?,?, with no known satellite; The Earth, ®, with one satellite, the moon; Mars, with two satellites.
  • Outside of this group lies the zone of minor planets or asteroids.
  • The outer group of major planets comprises: Jupiter, 24,24, with seven satellites; Saturn, T?, with ten satellites; Uranus, a or 1, with four satellites; Neptune, with one satellite.

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