Sentence Examples

  • They'd trained together on one of the Council's neutral planets and ended up rivals in everything.
  • I didn't believe the planets died without the dhjan and his lifemate until I saw what happened to Anshan.
  • He fought hard to build alliances the Council destroyed, and bartered, cheated, and stole for the weaponry needed to defeat the invaders, the Yirkin, a sophisticated race whose goal was to claim as many planets as they could in their empire-building.
  • The Council disallowed lasers or other advanced weapons, instead opting for the traditional weapons of their ancestors, and the only weapons some planets with their crude civilizations in the nearby galaxies used.
  • The Brains set up the Planetary Council-- the alien version of the United Nations-- several generations before to mediate between the warring planets within the Five Galaxies.

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