Sentence Examples

  • Schiaparelli was primarily an observer-his first discovery was of the asteroid Hesperia in 1861-but he had also considerable mathematical gifts, as is shown in his treatment of orbital motions, published in 1864, and in other papers.
  • The position of the pores near the centre of the ambulacrals in Bothriocidaris need not be regarded as primitive, since other early Palaeozoic genera, not to mention the young of living forms, show that the podia originally passed out between the plates, and were only gradually surrounded by their substance; thus the original structure of the echinoid ambulacra differed from that of the early asteroid in the position of the radial vessels and nerves, which here lie beneath the plates instead of outside them.
  • The " method of least squares," by which the most probable result can be educed from a body of observational data, was published by Adrien Marie Legendre in 1806, by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his Theoria Motus (1809), which described also a mode of calculating the orbit of a planet from three complete observations, afterwards turned to important account for the recapture of Ceres, the first discovered asteroid (see Planets, Minor).
  • And what would happen if a giant asteroid hit Earth?
  • All other known asteroids are less than 340 km across.

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