Sentence Examples

  • There was a piecemeal taking back of what had been given.
  • The account of the compound simply sets itself taken piecemeal as equivalent to itself taken as aggregate.
  • Contrary to all the rules of war then in vogue, he fought a piecemeal and unpremeditated battle, with.
  • To this piecemeal method of composition, in which narrative alternated with tirades on political and social questions, was added the further disadvantage of the lack of exact information, which, owing to the dearth of documents, could only have been gained by personal investigation.
  • Rather its contents came to him piecemeal and at various stages in his ministry as a Christian "prophet," extending over a period of years; and, like certain Old Testament prophets, he shows us how by his own experiences he became the medium of a divine message to his church and to God's " elect " people at large.

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