Sentence Examples

  • The chief items were cotton piece-goods, rice not in the husk, sugar, grain and pulse, salt, iron and steel, tobacco, cotton twist and yarn, and brass and copper.
  • This development of the making-up trade has become an important element in the home trade, and it has greatly reduced the retail sale of piece-goods.
  • The imports are woollen and cotton piece-goods, metals and petroleum.
  • The principal articles of import in 1919-20 were: cotton piece-goods and yarn £ 2,180,000, hides and skins £1,291,000, coal £626,000, grain and flour £541,000, coffee, sugar, tobacco, hardware, petroleum and provisions.
  • A particular effect of high-priced piece-goods is seen in various Eastern countries that are still partly dependent on an indigenous hand-loom industry.