Sentence Examples

  • The Babylonian priests accordingly applied themselves to the task of perfecting a system of interpretation of the phenomena to be observed in the heavens, and it was natural that the system was extended from the moon, sun and five planets to the more prominent and recognizable fixed stars.
  • Weed, a skilful American machinist, who, after some years of strenuous effort, succeeded in devising and perfecting special rollers and dies, by the use of which foundation was produced with a midrib so thin as to compare favourably with natural comb built by the bees.
  • From 1677 onwards he did but finish perfecting Louis XIV.s army in accordance with the suggestions left by his father, and made no fundamental changes: neither the definite abandonment of the feudal arrire-ban and of recruitingsources of disorder and insubordinationnor the creation of the militia, which allowed the nation to penetrate into all the ranks of the army, nor the adoption of the gun with the bayonet,which was to become the ultima ratio of peoples as the cannon was that of sovereigns,nor yet the uniform, intended to strengthen esfrrit de corps, were due to him.
  • By partitioning her in advance with the other strong powers, England and Holland, by means of the treaties of the Hague and of London (1698-1699),as he had formerly done with the emperor in 1668,he seemed at first to wish for a pacificsolutibn of the eternal conflict between-the Habsburgs and the Bourbons, and to restrict himself to, the perfecting of his natural frontiers; but on the death of Charles II.
  • There are two forms of the plant, an annual and a biennial, which spring indifferently from the same crop of seed - the one growing on during summer to a height of from to 2 ft., and flowering and perfecting seed; the other producing the first season only a tuft of radical leaves, which disappear in winter, leaving under ground a thick fleshy root, from the crown of which arises in spring a branched flowering stem, usually much taller and more vigorous than the flowering stems of the annual plants.

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