Sentence Examples

  • Of the 119th parallel), the Spokane (in the east central part) and the Pend Oreille (on the N.
  • The Snake river (which receives all the drainage of Idaho except small amounts taken by the Spokane, the Pend Oreille and the Kootenai in the N., all emptying directly into the Columbia, and by some minor streams of the S.E.
  • 'rlr e g r Mae'steg Kam pend la Y o S r, 30 Porthca 0 lfracombe u e: 3 ° 3 0 s F Emery A Longitude West5° of Gi-cenwich B 4f 30 4° Continuation South, 6, employment with, by or on behalf of the council.
  • Wide; and mostly in Bonner, but partly in Kootenai county, a widening of Clark Fork, Lake Pend Oreille, 60 m.
  • The only other central authority in the state was the king's council or court (Pend, witan, plebs, concilium).