Sentence Examples

  • The storm roared in through the ceiling, hail and water pelting her body while thunder deafened her.
  • He hit the ground with a grunt, one ear ringing and his face stinging from pelting, hot debris.
  • These they could not see, but they could feel them pelting the buggy top, and Jim screamed almost like a human being when a stone overtook him and struck his boney body.
  • 4 On the similar pelting of the supposed graves of Abu Lahab and his wife (Ibn Jubair, p. I io) and of Abu Righal at Mughammas, see Noldeke's translation of Tabari, p. 208.
  • Thunder tumbled down the San Juan Mountains, heralding the arrival of pelting rain that turned the Jeep road into a surging stream and the sky to an ominous shade of raven black.