Sentence Examples

  • The Peltier coefficient may also be expressed in volts or microvolts, and may be regarded as the measure of an E.M.F.
  • Of the couple, and if the flow of the current does not produce any other thermal effects in the circuit besides the Joule and Peltier effects, we should find by applying the principle of the conservation of energy, i.e.
  • By equating the balance of the heat absorbed by the Peltier effects to the heat generated in the circuit by the Joule effect, (P - P')C=CR=EC, whence E=P - P..
  • Clausius (1853) that the Peltier effect varied directly as the absolute temperature, and that the E.M.F.
  • (2) If the Peltier effect was proportional to the thermoelectric power and changed sign with it, as all experiments appeared to indicate, there would A B be no absorption of heat C in the circuit due to the Peltier effect, and therefore no thermal source to account for the energy of the current, in the case in which the hot junction was at or above the neutral temperature.

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