Sentence Examples

  • His chief peculiarity consists in clearly tracing a strong Pauline influence, especially in Mark, which there remodels certain sayings and actions as these were first registered by the eye-witness documents.
  • A further peculiarity of the use of C in Latin is in the abbreviation for the district Subura in Roma and its adjective Suburanus, which appears as SVC. Here C no doubt represents G, but there is no interchange between g and b in Latin.
  • As for Formosa, the peculiarity of its outline is that th eastern coast falls precipitously into deep water, while the wester ~lopes slowly to shelving bottoms and shoals.
  • Then, again, the shape of the eye, as modelled by the lids, shows a striking peculiarity, For whereas the open eye is almost invariably horizontal in the European, it is often oblique in the Japanese on account of the higher level of the upper corner.
  • Another marked peculiarity is that active agency is never attribtited to neuter nouns.

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