Sentence Examples

  • Katie almost laughed at the oddity of his words.  He didn't seem to be joking, but she couldn't see his face to tell one way or another.
  • There, as throughout life, the simplicity of his personal appearance and the oddity of his manners attracted notice, but still more, his great industry and mental power.
  • He is repulsed by the intolerably harsh and crabbed versification, by the recondite choice of theme and expression, and by the oddity of the thought.
  • Great fluency and ease of diction, considerable warmth of imagination and moral sentiment, and a sharp eye to discover any oddity of style or violation of the accepted canons of good taste, made his criticisms pungent and effective.
  • In manner he was simple, direct, void of the least affectation, and entirely free from awkwardness, oddity or eccentricity.

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