Sentence Examples

  • The primary government is aristocratic. Patrician tyranny rouses the populace to revolt, and then democratic equality is established under a republic. Democratic excesses cause the rise of an empire, which, becoming corrupt, declines into barbarism, and, again emerging from it, retraces the same course.
  • In 467 the emperor Anthemius rewarded him for the panegyric which he had written in honour of him by raising him to the post of prefect of Rome, and afterwards to the dignity of a patrician and senator.
  • A conspiracy headed by the patrician Arsaber had a similar issue.
  • MARCUS AEMILIUS SCAURUS (c. 163-88 B.C.), Roman statesman, was a member of a great patrician family which had sunk into obscurity.
  • The amelu was a patrician, the man of family, whose birth, marriage and death were registered, of ancestral estates and full civil rights.

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