Sentence Examples

  • Taking up his residence at Philadelphia, he wrote a few months later to Thomas Russell expressing unqualified dislike of the American people, whom he was disappointed to find no more truly democratic in sentiment and no less attached to order and authority than the English; he described George Washington as a "high-flying aristocrat," and he found the aristocracy of money in America still less to his liking than the European aristocracy of birth.
  • She married a British aristocrat, can you believe it?
  • Aristocrat Born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth, or at least into a titled family !
  • Blackadder, you 've just been to France, and you 've rescued a French aristocrat... Oh, Blackadder !
  • The idea of having a real live English aristocrat on his staff may have been something which appealed to General Corlette.

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