Sentence Examples

  • Plekhanov and Struve were at that time the chief exponents of Marxism: they adopted the teaching of Karl Marx as regards the necessary sequence of economic stages - feudalism, bourgeois individualism, capitalism, proletarian upheaval.
  • He does not enquire into the abstract right and wrong of any case, but subjects it to the acid test of proletarian interests.
  • "In circumstances where the majority of the population mistrust the proletarian party, or stand aloof from it, this attitude would be shared by the bulk of the intellectuals.
  • The excavations have provided examples of houses of every description, from the humble dwelling-place of the artisan or proletarian, with only three or four small rooms, to the stately mansions of Sallust, of the Faun, of the Golden Cupids, of the Silver Wedding, of the Vettii, of Pansa, 1 &c. - the last of which is among the most regular in plan, and may be taken as an almost 1 It may be observed that the names given in most cases to the houses are either arbitrary or founded in the first instance upon erroneous inferences.
  • A whole series of parties are proving by their activity that a new, truly proletarian party can be built.

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