Sentence Examples

  • I'm in no rush, though I do have a plan to motivate you.
  • As fast as Kris ran, he couldn't catch her.  He grew more baffled when she seemed to pull ahead of him without any sign of the exhaustion she'd showed when they stopped.  Desperation could motivate, and so could fear for her sister.  He pushed himself harder to catch her.  Thunder boomed overhead.  Forms he assumed were demons swooped above the canopy, casting shadows.  He caught glimpses of fur and wings through leaves and ran until his chest was heaving.  Hannah remained ahead of him, though he realized he was beginning to gain on her.  He had to reach her before the demons did and swept her away, as they had Kiki.
  • He found the dark memories of his enslavement were enough to motivate him without the heartache of remembering all that was good that would never be his again.
  • They do not make the naïve assumption that the routine repetition of the ' employe of the month ' award will actually motivate people.
  • The biofeedback system allows the patient to exercise their pelvic floor correctly and progress sheets can be generated to help motivate patients.

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