Sentence Examples

  • The motions of bodies, or of the ultimate parts of bodies, also involve energy, for stopping them would be a source of work.
  • We might conceive the rapid motions of the heavenly bodies to result in some change either in the direction or amount of their gravitation towards each other at each moment; but such is not the case, even in the most rapidly moving bodies of the solar system.
  • The result of this would be seen in the motions of the planets around the sun; but the most refined observations show no such effect.
  • The most obvious test of the reality of the required modifications would be afforded by two other bodies, the motions of whose pericentres should be similarly affected.
  • When generalizing the theory of pendulums of Jacob Bernoulli (1654-1705) he discovered a principle of dynamics so simple and general that it reduced the laws of the motions of bodies to that of their equilibrium.

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