Sentence Examples

  • Her attention was caught on the falling stars of the meteor shower.
  • In thus rapidly penetrating the air heat is generated, the meteor becomes incandescent, and the phenomena of the streak or train is produced.
  • He contributed two memoirs to the Philosophical Transactions, one, "Logometria," which discusses the calculation of logarithms and certain applications of the infinitesimal calculus, the other, a "Description of the great fiery meteor seen on March 6th, 1716."
  • In the Bundahish, however (9th century), the twelve " Akhtars," designated by the same names as our signs, lead the army of Ormazd, while the seven " Awakhtars " or planets (including a meteor and a comet) fight for Ahriman.
  • Ores of Iron.-Even though the earth seems to be a huge iron meteor with but a thin covering of rocks, the exasperating proneness of iron to oxidize explains readily why this metal is only rarely found native, except in the form of meteorites.

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