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  • This is a cycle of 18 years II days, or 223 lunations, discovered at an unknown epoch in Chaldaea, at the end of which the moon very nearly returns to her original position with regard as well to the sun as to her own nodes and perigee.
  • Further, we know that in the 8th century B.C., there were observatories in most of the large cities in the valley of the Euphrates, and that professional astronomers regularly took observations of the heavens, copies of which were sent to the king of Assyria; and from a cuneiform inscription found in the palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh, the text of which is given by George Smith,5 we learn that at that time the epochs of eclipses of both sun and moon were predicted as possible - probably by means of the cycle of 223 lunations or Chaldaean Saros - and that observations were made accordingly.
  • Twelve lunations, therefore, form a period of 354 days, which differs only by about 11 1/4 days from the solar year.
  • The Lunar Year, Therefore, Contained 354 Days, Falling Short Of The Exact Time Of Twelve Lunations By About 8.8 Hours.
  • But The True Time Of 99 Lunations Is 2923.528 Days, Which Exceeds The Above Period By 1.528 Days, Or Thirtysix Hours And A Few Minutes.

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