Sentence Examples

  • The solar day, the solar year, and the lunar month, or lunation, may therefore be called the natural divisions of time.
  • Though the /see' are thus strictly portions of solar time, yet what is remarkable, though not peculiar to China, they give their name to the lunar months, each month or lunation having the name of the chung-ki or sign at which the sun arrives during that month.
  • As the /see' is longer than a synodic revolution of the moon, the sun cannot arrive twice at a chung-ki during the same lunation; and as there are only twelve tsee, the year can contain only twelve months having different names.
  • It must happen sometimes that in the course of a lunation the sun enters into no new sign; in this case the month is intercalary, and is called by the same name as the preceding month.
  • As It Had Now Been Discovered That The Exact Length Of The Lunation Is A Little More Than Twenty Nine And A Half Days, It Became Necessary To Abandon The Alternate Succession Of Full And Deficient Months; And, In Order To Preserve A More Accurate Correspondence Between The Civil Month And The Lunation, Meton Divided The Cycle Into 125 Full Months Of Thirty Days, And 110 Deficient Months Of Twenty Nine Days Each.

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