Sentence Examples

  • With the introduction of steam-locomotion and the improvement of roads, however, riding has become to a large extent a sport, rather than a necessity.
  • Apparently correlated with this peculiar locomotion is the anatomical fact of the alteration of the myotomes on the two sides.
  • - Diagram of Natural Locomotion of a Snake.
  • Are absent or vestigial in all other insects; and, in most genera, by the presence in the adult of abdominalappendagesused for locomotion, these latter varying in number from one to nine pairs.
  • The third body region or trunk may attain a great length, one or two feet, or even more, and is also muscular, but the truncal muscles are of subordinate importance in locomotion, serving principally to promote the peristaltic contractions of the body by which the food is carried through the gut.

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