Sentence Examples

  • The x-rays were conclusive and indicated a bad infection in the lower lobe of one lung.
  • C antero-posterior direction, its ventral lobe usually concealing the mouth.
  • Inner lobe of large and convex; three ocelli ' left maxilla).
  • Whether the division of the lobus dexter into two divisions - (i) lobus dexter proper and (2) lobus quadratus, as in modern anatomical nomenclature - was also assumed in Babylonian hepatoscopy, is not certain, but the groove separating the right lobe into two sections - the fossa venae umbilicalis - was recognized and distinguished by the designation of "river of the liver."
  • The two appendixes attached to the upper lobe or lobus pyramidalis, and known in modern nomenclature as processus pyramidalis and processus papillaris, were described respectively as the "finger" of the liver and as the "offshoot."

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