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  • 2) shows: the mouth (m), continuous on either side with the groove between the two series of tentacles; the anus (a), in the middle line, at no great distance from the mouth; a transversely elongated epistome (ep), between the mouth and the anus; and, in the concavity of the lophophore, the apertures of the nephridia (n.o.) which, according to De Selys-Longchamps, open into the two large sensory or glandular "lophophoral organs " the orifices of which are seen at gl.
  • A general nerve-plexus probably exists over considerable parts of the skin, and there are special nervous concentrations in the region of the epistome and along a double crescent (N) which follows the parietal attachment of the coelomic septum.
  • The part which lies at the base of the epistome is morphologically dorsal in position.
  • The epistome of the adult Phoronis cannot well be the proboscis since its cavity is continuous with the lophophoral coelom, and because the praeoral hood of Actinotrocha is entirely lost at the metamorphosis.

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