Sentence Examples

  • As it flows it takes the forms of sappy leaves or vines, making heaps of pulpy sprays a foot or more in depth, and resembling, as you look down on them, the laciniated, lobed, and imbricated thalluses of some lichens; or you are reminded of coral, of leopard's paws or birds' feet, of brains or lungs or bowels, and excrements of all kinds.
  • The radicals of lobe are lb, the soft mass of the b (single lobed, or B, double lobed), with the liquid l behind it pressing it forward.
  • Secondly if the seedlings were of genuine cress (L. sativum) they would have lobed cotyledons and taste " hot ".
  • Ranunculus tripartitus three-lobed water crowfoot S S Lizard and West Penwith, where water stands in winter.
  • The lobed appearance indicates the orientation of the collagen fibrils in the cornea.

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