Sentence Examples

  • In the manufacture of Japanese lacquer there are three processes.
  • As a lacquer painter he left a strong mark upon the work of his contemporaries and successors.
  • The lacquer ware of Nyaung-u and other villages near Pagan is noted throughout Burma.
  • The latterfor which the generic term in Japan is mushi or kaichinclude some beautiful species, from the jewel beetle (tama-mushi), the gold beetle (kogane-mushi) and the Chrysochroa fulgidissima, which glow and sparkle with the brilliancy of gold and precious stones, to the jet black Melanauster chinensis, which- seems to have been fashioned out of lacquer spotted with white.
  • Lacquer.Japan derived the art of lacquering from China (probably about the beginning of the 6th century), but she ultimately carried it far beyond Chinese conception.