Sentence Examples

  • From the United Provinces come opium, hides, raw cotton, wheat, shellac and oil-seeds; and from Assam, tea, oil-seeds and jute.
  • The Platinoid Coil Was Insulated From The Water By Shellac Varnish.
  • Cements such as marine glue are solutions of shellac, india-rubber or asphaltum in benzene or naphtha.
  • Henry Cavendish had before 1773 discovered that glass, wax, rosin and shellac have higher specific inductive capacities than air, and had actually determined the numerical ratios of these capacities, but this was unknown both to Faraday and to all other electricians of his time, since Cavendish's Electrical Researches remained unpublished till 1879.
  • Taking the dielectric constant of air as unity he obtained the following values, for shellac K = 2.0, glass K.

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