Sentence Examples

  • Did he have any idea how irresistible he was?
  • I don't think she has a clue how irresistible men find her.
  • He couldn't win the argument any other way, so he had resorted to his irresistible charm.
  • The remainder of the Visigoths, under Alavivus and Fritigern, now began to seek, and ultimately were successful in obtaining (376), the permission of the emperor Valens to settle in Thrace; Athanaric meanwhile took refuge in Transylvania, thus abandoning the field without any serious struggle to the irresistible Huns.
  • In the first edition of the Loci (1521) he held, to the length of fatalism, the Augustinian doctrine of irresistible grace, working according to God's immutable decrees, and denied freedom of will in matters civil and religious alike.