Sentence Examples

  • These are essentially huge orgies and feasts for initiating newbies, she replied.
  • The vice-chancellor was ex officio a delegate of the press, where he hoped to effect much; and a plan for draining the Thames Valley, which he had now the power of initiating, was one on which his mind had dwelt for many years.
  • Elijah, who had been his godfather in his babyhood, now paid him frequent visits, initiating him into sublime truths.
  • By a re-elevation of a peneplain the rivers of an old land surface may be restored to youthful activity, and resume their shaping action, deepening the old valleys and initiating new ones, starting afresh the whole course of the geographical cycle.
  • Duovir-N is also contraindicated for patients who are just initiating therapy with nevirapine.

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