Sentence Examples

  • Aided by a dual-layer, auto-exposure sensor, the T2i exposure system (iFCL for intelligent focus, color and luminance) takes factors like subject luminosity, focus distance and perceived color information into account during shooting.
  • Stay Put Window Candles - These candles from Plow and Hearth offer some nice features, including a stay-put base that attaches to your window frame, as well as a sensor that turns the light on at dusk, and off at dawn.
  • Dance Central 3: Coming from the same company that launched the hugely popular Rock Band series of rhythm games, Dance Central leverages the motion capture capabilities of the Kinect sensor to get gamers on their feet.
  • The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigators from the Multi-Energy Sensor Array (MESA), and other investigators monitored the library for ghosts due to its reputation for producing many ghost sightings.
  • By and large, self-cleaning litter boxes use a combination of clumping cat litter, an electronic sensor and an automated raking system to detect soiled clumps of litter and push them into a waiting receptacle.