Sentence Examples

  • The former "piggy backs" on fat when entering the body, making it a requirement to consume proper amounts of fat for complete absorption, and it also makes it hard to get rid of in case you accidentally ingest too much.
  • Tube feedings may be required in some patients with failure to thrive, aspiration pneumonia, difficulty swallowing, or an inability to ingest adequate calories orally to maintain nutritional status or promote growth.
  • When people with fructose intolerance ingest fructose or sucrose (cane or beet sugar, table sugar), complicated chemical changes occur in the body due to the absence of the enzyme needed to process these sugars.
  • Many consumers want everything they ingest or place on their bodies to be certified organic, and this includes the herbs used to produce remedies for a variety of ailments.
  • For example, a person suffering from a cold may ingest an herbal substance that mimics the symptoms of the cold, although the substance will typically be greatly diluted.