Sentence Examples

  • The immigrants from England took with them, in like manner, their attachment to the Episcopal Church.
  • Another disturbing influence has been the high protective tariffs, adopted during the closing years of the century, which increased the costs of living more rapidly than the wages for labour, and compelled thousands of immigrants to seek employment elsewhere.
  • The language and writing of the Semites who, at an unknown period, settled in what is now Abyssinia, show affinities with those of South Arabia, and these Semites may have been immigrants into Africa from that region.
  • - An Arab sultanate, with its capital at Zaila (Zeyla), was founded by Koreishite immigrants from the Yemen in, it is said, the 7th century A.D.
  • Maranos, fleeing to the Netherlands, were welcomed; the immigrants were wealthy, enterprising and cultured.

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