Sentence Examples

  • They were magnificent, powerful creatures in varying hues of gold and brown.
  • Their coloration consists often of bright hues, and sometimes resembles that of their surroundings.
  • None of the Petrels are endowed with any brilliant colouring - sootyblack, grey of various tints (one of which is often called "blue"), and white being the only hues the plumage exhibits.
  • The deeper tints are, however, peculiar to the nuptial plumage, or are only to be faintly traced at other times, so that in winter the adults - and the young always - have a much plainer appearance, ashy-grey and white being almost the only hues observable.
  • Anolis carolinensis), possess, to an extent only exceeded by the chameleon, the power of changing their colours, their brilliant green becoming transformed under the influence of fear or irritation, into more sombre hues and even into black.