Sentence Examples

  • Hu.) The chief authorities for Newman's life are his Apologia and the Letters and Correspondence, edited by Miss Mozley, above referred to.
  • The second persons of the same tense take the ending che, ches in the singular and chedes in the plural: falache or falaches (f a b u I a s t i), falachedes as well as faldstedes (f a hu I a s t i s), bateche or batiche, p1.
  • For thirteen years of his life Confucius wandered about from state to state, seeking rest and patrons; but his journeyings were confined within the modern provinces of Ho-nan and Shantung, and the borders of Chih-li and Hu-peh.
  • 0 hu .t, n ou,thborou a Cheriton ?
  • By Kwei-chow and Hu-nan, E.

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