Sentence Examples

  • In 1886 his opposition to the Central Asian Military railway caused him to lose his seat in the council.
  • Asian excavation; but small Hittite objects have been sold in Smyrna and Aidin.
  • By the Kabul valley route, which includes at its head the group of passes across the Hindu Kush which extend from the Khawak to the Kaoshan, all those central Asian hordes, be they Sacae, Yue-chi, Jats, Goths or Huns, who were driven towards the rich plains of the south, entered the Punjab.
  • (d) The great part which central Asian tribes have played in history is obscured by the absence of any common name for them.
  • Two distinct floral regions meet in Syria, that of the Mediterranean and that of the west Asian steppe-land.