Sentence Examples

  • After the war he commanded the "Lancaster" (1866-1867) and the "Maumee" (1868-1869) in the Asiatic Squadron.
  • The more specialized of the two species is the Indian or Asiatic elephant, Elephas maximus, specially characterized by the extreme complexity of the structure of its molar teeth, which are composed of a great number of tall and thin plates of enamel and dentine, with the intervals filled by cement (see Proboscidea, fig.
  • The Asiatic elephant inhabits the forest-lands of India, Burma, the Malay Peninsula, Cochin China, Ceylon and Sumatra.
  • The appearance of the Asiatic elephant is familiar to all.
  • The following epitome of the habits of the Asiatic elephants is extracted from Great and Small Game of India and Tibet, by R.

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