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  • The god of Atha was a form of Horus (Apollo) as the sun-god; his most characteristic representation is as the disk of the sun with outspread wings, so often seen over the doors of shrines, at the top of stelae, &c. In the temple, where he is often figured as a falconheaded man, he is associated with Hathor of Dendera and the child Harsemteus.
  • Hathor, his mother, is persecuted by Typhon and escapes to a floating island with the bones of Horus, who revives and slays the dragon.'
  • Here was the ancienfcity'of Tentyra, capital of the Tentyrite nome, the sixth of Upper Egypt, and the principal seat of the worship of Hathor [[[Aphrodite]]] the cow-goddess of love and joy.
  • The temple of Hathor was built in the 1st century B.C., being begun under the later Ptolemies (Ptol.
  • In width, and comprising about onethird of the whole structure; the facade has six columns with heads of Hathor, and the ceiling is supported by eighteen great columns.

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