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  • Besides the temple of Isis with its birth-temple in the first court, there were smaller temples or shrines of Arsenuphis, Mandulis, Imuthes, Hathor, Harendotes (a form of Horus) and Augustus (in the Roman style), besides unnamed ones.
  • The erasures of her name by Tethmosis III., and reinsertions of names under later kings, the military scenes, and the religious groups showing the sacred kine of Hathor, all add to the interest of the remarkable temple.
  • Nekhtnebf built the Hathor temple and great pylon at Philae, and the east pylon of Karnak, beside temples elsewhere, now vanished.
  • Began the great temple, and the temple of Arhesnofer (Arsenuphis) is due to Ptolemy IV., that of Asclepius to Ptolemy V., that of Hathor to Ptolemy VI., and the great colonnades belong to Ptolemy XIII.
  • At a later date ~the sky was held to be a relif (Hathor) whose four feet stood firm upon the soil; or else flue ast face, in which the right eye was the sun and the left eye to t moon.

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