Sentence Examples

  • Deciding to give up motherhood was the hard part.
  • Motherhood is a driving force.
  • Opening with a vision of Eve in Paradise which eclipses Milton's in beauty no less than in sublimity - a dream of the mother of mankind at the hour when she knew the first sense of dawning motherhood, it closes with a vision of the trumpet to be sounded on the day of judgment which transcends the imagination of Dante by right of a realized idea which was utterly impossible of conception to a believer in Dante's creed: the idea of real and final equity; the concept of absolute and abstract righteousness.
  • Other works include the Sheridan monument in Washington; " Mares of Diomedes " and " Ruskin " in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; statue of Lincoln, Newark, N.J.; statue of Henry Ward Beecher, Brooklyn; the Wyatt Memorial, Raleigh, N.C.; " The Flyer " at the university of Virginia; gargoyles for a Princeton dormitory; " Wonderment of Motherhood " and " Conception."
  • During this year he published a book When Labour Rules, in which he, speaking, of course, only for himself, depicted the kind of policy which Labour in power would favour - such as the right to work, development of nationalization, better homes, shorter hours, state endowment of motherhood, great extension of university facilities and a national theatre and opera.