Sentence Examples

  • Of the sum spent by the communes, about 1/2 goes for the sanitary service (doctors, midwives, vaccination), 3/4 for the maintenance of foundlings, i11 for the support of the sick in hospitals, and I~1 for sheltering the aged and needy.
  • Under the disguise of doctors, midwives, school teachers, governesses, factory hands or common labourers, they sought to make proselytes among the peasantry and the workmen in the industrial centres by revolutionary pamphlets and oral explanations.
  • In the special 1 In 1902 an act was passed to establish a Central Midwives Board and regulated the training and employment of midwives.
  • Women are in excess in the occupations of boarding and lodging house keepers, housekeepers, launderers, nurses and midwives, and servants and waiters.
  • 3 a 21, 22), represents them as living among the Egyptians, and so few in number that two midwives satisfy their requirements.

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