Sentence Examples

  • A similar method has frequently been applied to the study of variations of soil-temperatures by harmonic analysis of the annual waves.
  • The type of motion represented by (6) is of fundamental importance in the theory of vibrations (~ 23); it is ~- called a simple-harmonic or (shortly) a simple vibration.
  • Hence if 1 be the length of the string, and x the horizontal displacement of the bob from the equilibrium position, the horizontal component of gravity is mgx/l, whence The motion is therefore simple-harmonic, of period r= 27ri/(l/g).
  • The most important case is where this function is simple-harmonic, so that the equation ~ is replaced by ~ir+uxfcos (oit+a), (II)
  • A Simple-Harmonic or Sine Wave is the only kind which is propagated without change of form.

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