Sentence Examples

  • The citizens organized a " vigilance committee " and hanged many of the outlaws.
  • Of these 38 were hanged at Mankato on the 26th of December 1862.
  • In June 1278 he was charged with various crimes, including one of poisoning the king's eldest son, and hanged at Montfaucon.
  • I don't know why she hanged herself when she had a bottle of sleeping pills right next to her bed but wacky people do wacky things.
  • Thereupon the Quakers, who were perhaps not without the -obstinacy of which Marcus Aurelius complained in the early Christians, rushed to Massachusetts as if invited, and the result was that the general court of the colony banished them on pain of death, and four of them, three men and one woman,were hanged for refusing to depart from the jurisdiction or for obstinately returning within it.