Sentence Examples

  • Tell them that naked Edith Shipton came out of his room and moments later hanged herself.
  • I don't know why she hanged herself when she had a bottle of sleeping pills right next to her bed but wacky people do wacky things.
  • If Donnie didn't know that Annie hanged herself, how could Edith know?
  • There it was hanged on a gallows, and in the evening taken down, when the head was cut off and set up upon Westminster Hall, where it remained till as late as 1684, the trunk being thrown into a pit underneath the gallows.
  • He was, however, sentenced to be hanged on the 12th of November; but on the nth he cut his throat with a penknife, and on the 19th of November 17 9 8 he died of the wound.

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